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#HOLY FUCK JARED #its like the slide into ZEKE #the transformation is FANTASTICAL #you don’t even need the blue eye lights #GODDAMN (via buticancarryyou)

jared deserves all the awards

It is so amazing because every time I see a gif of Sam being possessed, you can just tell. You can tell - even without the blue eyes, or the black eyes from when he was possessed by Meg - that this isn´t Sam. This is someone else. Just by his body language and expression that Jared isn´t playing Sam in that moment.

Like, seriously, Jared is an amazing actor. If anyone tell me otherwise, I will sacrifice them to Satan



Humorous Movie Marquee Mash-Ups


Sometimes I go to book stores even if I have no money just to smell the air. It’s like I can finally breathe properly.


this is the greatest post anyone has ever made ever


Some things don’t change

Oh my god, I got a PERFECT commission from linneart, this drawing actually is about how no matter how many AU’s pass by, there will always be shadows of canon. This perfectly describes that feeling whenever a fic refers to canon and I’m like “Yes! That’s so clever and the creative parallels are awesome!” and I fall a little in love with it. 

Thank you so much, linnea!






Ash was so underrated why he was perfect

I will sing my praise of Ash until the entire fandom remembers him

I miss that redneck, geeky bastard

this is seriously one of my favorite scenes because its so simple and funny. its just so direct and quick and i love ash

I need Ash back





sometimes i wanna be top

and sometimes i wanna be bottom



look at that fancy fuckin bunkbed jesus christ. back in my day, there were no stairs for easy access to the top. the road to the top bunk was a vertical fucking climb of wooden slats that you had to scramble to find purchase on. the one that made it to the top was not only a victor, but a survivor


Robert Downey Jr. nicknames Chris Evans “Dorito”.

RDJ has a tumblr im convinced of it